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People who buy gifts for their friends and family, do you do it just for them or do they have to give you something as well?

This page will show you how to:

Bought a ticket to see Frozen right before it opened. The song is basically "Fur Elise," what will the film be like?

People who have actually had sex with a video game, how did it go? Would you do it again?

What is your worst "whoops, I meant to say that" moment, in your opinion?

How do you feel about a country where we have 5 daycarts of alcohol and electricity and where everyone is a bar staff?

How do you feel about cute and cuddly animals?

Ya know when there’s this cute guy at work but he’s a psycho?

What are your thoughts on people filming themselves on Snapchatting?

If women could choose between feeling sexy or being a baby and staying home to provide for their families, would you vote for

What’s something people miss the most from their childhood?

All those who wear hoodies during this time of quarantine: why?

What's your best "girl advice"?

People who read the TOS, what are the most alarming terms you've seen being crossed out?

People of Reddit who had suicidal thoughts, what was the final straw?

What’s the most fucked up thing your parents had in common?

People who spell it "WTF?" because

[serious] How do you guys deal with a ton of child support arrears and late fees?

Americans - how has Cooper Cronkite ruined the fun of watching football?

People who oppose the glorification of war. Why?

What time do we need to go to sleep?

I'm an atheist, but a ghost stalked me on Facebook. What can I

[Serious] Trump supporters of Reddit, what's something good he has done for your country?

Who is your favorite hapless victim, and why are they so universally hated?

Males who have been victims of rape, how has your family affected you?