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Are you attracted to anime girls with good looking assesments? How would you react if that anime's artist showed you his ass?

As a Muslim, when I read the Qur'an, 2 Thess 2:1-2, it always makes me cry. Why?

Redditors of the night, congratulations on overcoming compulsive liplocks! What's your story?

How would you feel about a law that requires people over the age of 55 to retake their driver

What was a situation in your life that you regret the most

[Serious] Do you believe in Public Speaking? If so how do you manage to do it?

Cat people of Reddit, have you ever catfished your girlfriends/husbands? If so, how?

Those who use MS edge over

People who are sorting by new... why?

Redditors of Reddit, how would you feel about a law banning face punching from school?

What is your favorite state to live in?

Why do you think so many people like Donald Trump and call for a ban on semiautomatics?

What are some myths that kids are taught in a weird way?

What should have been in the Harry Potter series, but wasn't?

What is one aspect of your hobby that you're amazing at and why?

What line in a TV show

[Serious] What do you consider to be "too many people" in an economy?

What would have happened if Trump had won the election in a landslide?

What are some awesome online tools to help you get out of debt?

Girls of Reddit what are your favourite object boys/girls would never wear?

Can We Please Stop With the Privacy Questions?

If your current girlfriend is gay, what does that mean for us?

What did you like as a kid, but now think is terrible?

People who know a stripper, what is their impression with the waiting room?

if you could instantly give any person an orgasm, who would it be?