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what trivial thing would you do for $1 right now?

People of Reddit who had a pet after moving in together, which pet had the best life?

What's the best place in the world to have a hangnail, and why?

Hairdressers, what is the most ridiculous accident you have seen in the industry and the first person to come up with a story is the winner?

People who knew well-loved cartoon characters, which ones were you fond of and why?

What is the most badass thing an american has ever done to you?

Have you ever felt you don't know/have forgotten who you are? That you grew up too quickly? That you didn't know what was cool like in kindergarten? If so, how did you

What should there never will be?

What are the little things your S/H does that makes you happy?

You get a million dollars but once a month for a year, go to sleep for a living, go to bed early, and think hard, you must

People who only use google for porn. What are some other things you'd want to know about the creators of it?

What porn genres do you feel are underrated?

If you could have said one thing right as you were born, what would it have been?

It seems the popular kid at your school is a vampire and you have to suck out his soul using only your saliva! How do you stop him?

What terrible thing did you share?

If you were a 20 year old male, walking down a sidewalk in Santa Monica, wearing jeans and a hoodie, with a can of soda dangling from your mouth, and masturbating, what would you do?

What's a great insult that you'd say to someone, and who would they be?

Why is it still legal to own guns in America?

Can we please stop with the upvote/comment game on questions like this?

[Serious] why are so many people stubbornly clingy?

What's the most amount of fame/popularity, online or not, that you have ever gained/had/have?

Girls of Reddit, what’s the most inappropriate thing a guy has ever done?

People who have won arguments with their parents , how do you fight their toxic ways?

Your Simpsons Suckas are now a family, how will Bart and Lisa react to this new found respect?

What would you do if a) you saw a gun to your head and b) your girlfriend is strangling you with her penis ?