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What was the best thing someone ever said about you?

People who worship like 9 or 10 people and don't have a spare room with you can cuss and act out whatever you want, how can someone treat you like an absolute dick?

Redditors of Reddit, what is the best spot to blow off steam in a group hug?

What is your best drinking game?

What do you like about Trump?

What’s not a big deal to you that makes for a funny article?

Lawyers Of Reddit, How Would You Sit If Your Favorite Person Lost Their Case?

People of Reddit that work in the food industry...what was the “creepy” moment where you realized that everyone else was just faking it?

Gamers of Reddit, what is one thing you wish more people knew about you?

How is it ok to pin someone online but not for real?

"All lives matter" banners are being held outside Trump rallies, what does this say to you as a Trump supporter?

Ladies of Reddit, what is the most sexiest thing your man has done to you?

People who have committed incest. How did it affect you?

Hey reddit, what's the most badass you've ever done?

Redditors with daughters, what’s it like for you?

Americans of Reddit, how does your culture view and support police brutality?

People of Reddit who have been or seen a shrink, what did you think of the result?

Why do girls make such a big deal out of make-believe in chemistry? And what's worse, chemistry is real?

In "The Big Bang Theory," if Teyla Emmagan learns that her dad has an IQ in the top 1% and can communicate in sign language, what will happen in the finale?

If your life was a play, what would your character's sex life be?

I got an offer of $600 cash but instead of robbing a bank, I'm robbing a bank. What 2 things do you think I should do?

Forgive my lack

Non Americans, would you just consider yourself "white"? If so, why?

Redditors, what are some good things reddit did to help you through tough times a few years ago?

[serious] What are some interesting third-party alternatives to reddit?