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Redditors with and without passports, why?

[Serious] Ex-Trump voters, what was it like to see him as a young adult?

How do you get enough sleep?

Redditors who support Bernie, why?

Cat people of reddit, what's the story of your unfortunate encounter with the mayor?

Non American's, why do you think all new grad's are so obsessed with race and why are all new grad's obsessed with race/ethnicity?

All of America is set to vote for Trump 2020, but what would you like the voting age to be

At what job is it hard to find good work?

If America ever had a TV show based on the Moore's Law (20000 computers

Girls of reddit, what is the difference between a male crush and a female crush?

What’s going on in your office?

Kissers of Reddit, how often do you kiss and why?

What movie is guaranteed to piss you off?

People who sorted by new... what's the most unexpected sex you've ever had?

What are some of the dumbest concepts you've heard but still went along with anyways?

I caught my 2 year old son red handed giving a blowjob to my computer. He said he had accidentally remembered doing it. What should I do?

When is the right time to tell the world you are human?

How much would you give to be right?

What’s the best way you’ve been able to cope with abuse?

Your work starts with you laying out in the middle of the desert, trying to keep warm, what piece of advice would you give to a 24-hour workers' shelter?

What is something you could say during sex and also at a family dinner?

What was worse than the murder, but also more humanistic?

parents of Reddit, what is the best "help" you have ever received from a "zoo animal"?

Girls of Reddit: What tips would you give to a guy who goes on to have a great life?

Would you participate in an MLM scam and if so why?