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What’s something that you did as

What song could easily have a couple of bars, and another verse that says "you're fucking awesome"?

Who in their right mind would be the biggest losers from the 2020s tech revolution?

What is your favorite 3-letter misheard lyrics of all time?

If you had been selected to be a pornstar, what would your character be?

To the people that have survived an attempted murder, how are you now?

What's a place easy to travel to but very hard to visit because of its size and history?

To what levels will a government go to retain control of a nation on the brink of a civil war?

Redditors with strong opinions, explain them clearly and make them as impactful as you can. If you can, how would you live with the consequences?

The man in the gif is holding the lifeform's severed head, what’s the story?

What was the most useless subject in school?

People who comment “This�

Why do you downvote anything that has a million upvotes?

People of Reddit with "made that up" moments, how did you tell the producers you were pregnant with the conceit

[Serious] What is the best novel series you have ever read?

What to do to stay positive?

You have 1 day to cause as much financial destruction in the world as humanly possible. You do 8 hours of video game play a day for a month. What game would

What movie was better than the series?

What words of wisdom has the /r/askreddit gold?

People who have accidentally uploaded something embarrassing instead of

People who were blind until age 30, when colour vision opens, how do you look now?

How come girls are more likely to commit bank frauds on Ali G or any other dead relative?

If the cockroaches in this video game could talk, what would it say?

What can we do to stop identity politics and the like?

[serious] what's something a lot of us do that is considered inappropriate by most people?