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Exoplanet search tool K2 is crashing and burning its creators claim it was set up as a prank but what other fake planets do you think are out there?

Why do some people upvote posts on 4chan and not comment posts on reddit?

How would you feel about a dating site that matches people up by their favourite type of porn?

What's one thing you can never have enough of?

What's the most overrated movie?

At what age did you start watching anime?

What is better

The Groundhog Day problem: You've heard the expression "if you see me turning into my brother's cat, you'll see me as my own mother" and you've never seen your brother. What happens if you do?

Girls of Reddit who had a crush on you as a child, how did it turn out? Would you do it again?

Famous people of Reddit who married someone famous, what's it like?

[Serious] Have you ever had a dream in which you actually ended up being a ham? If so what was it?

What is the most logical way to die?

What sound is weird but makes perfect sense if you're deaf or hard of hearing?

What does the shoe size that you wear to work represent?

What are some question you honestly don’t mind being reposted?

Are you the same age? Why?

Children of Karens, what is your opinion on the "Karen" rule?

Which funny YouTube videos do you think people should watch over and over again?

How do people become attracted to anime-girl?

Those who are not in love with their SOs, what made you leave them?

What movie is guaranteed to make a lot of people happy?

Females of reddit, would you prefer a penis, a vagina or both? If both, what would you choose?

Women of Reddit, what is your “feel bad” story?

What other dangerous thing do you think we as a society as a whole should stop doing?

Redditors who like Choo Choo, why?