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What is a book you've never heard of but want to binge read?

Weebs of reddit, what’s your fondest thing you do remember doing as a child?

What did you do to get better?

What were things that made someone a better person?

First, what is the best way to waste $100?

What is your best feeling to someone, but don’t say out loud?

When You're First, What Do You Do That Gets You Through The Next 24 Hours?

What are videos of your childhood that you still enjoy playing to

People who had a right handed Jesus, how would you feel about a genetic lottery to choose a random person who has never had a childhood?

What do you think of "Bart the Monkey"?

Non Americans, do you have an English sounding name that you can use when making purchases here?

To all the armed robbers, why are you so aggravated when you get caught?

What are the things that are common sense to other people, but you DON'T THINK THEY ARE?

Dog people of Reddit, what’s something about dog people that you absolutely hate?

Dear reddit, how has copious amounts of crying "Lex! Lex! Lex!" from 10 year old you affecting your ability to cope with even more negative events in your life?

People with distressing news to tell, what was it like to hear?

Is there a place for adult humor in your life?

What are the things every man should at least try?

Which character death hit you the hardest?

How would you feel about, say, a law requiring parents that apply for welfare to supply the local police department with a half-credible alibi story explaining why they haven’t charged/investigated the child protective services for at least 6 months?

Females of Reddit: Would you ever consider engaging in same-sex sex acts and would you be a hypocrite if you did? If so, why?

What does it feel like to have positive karma but no one will believe you ?

The Obama years have begun. What would you want the longest term status update on Reddit?

What was something your family did that you didn’t realize was super weird until you did it in front of others?

What are your memories of your happiest days?