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Your username is now a bug that jumps onto the NOVA bandwagon. What are its intentions?

Girls of reddit what is the best way/place to make your boyfriend's penis feel special while they're at it?

Dear Reddit, I'm an ex-cop and Reddit is my new hometown. What's your reddit experience with police brutality and Reddit policing?

[Serious] Transgender people of Reddit, what is the most fucked up thing you or anyone you know has done to you personally?

Ladies, how has a breast-feeding friend made you feel like they are the opposite sex?

What are some subtle ways a Thespian has offended the other characters?

What are some pretty obvious waste tips that you can give to a friend

How safe are sex toys made?

I've been chased by a lunatic who said he was going to kill me. What stupid stuff have I overheard him say?

people who dont support net neutrality, why?

What’s something that is very politically correct, but actually isn’t?

Are you men, do you accept that we are

Women of reddit, what size are small boobs, does it feel good to show them off and how would you feel about a nipple display?

Redditors, what's a "Chappelle's" unique talent?

Doctors of Reddit, how do you feel about the

You're about to be cloned, but before you are, you get to see your cloned arms and legs, so you can give your new arm a name and how would you want it to present itself?

Non-Americans, which countries in your opinion are the most anti-American?

If Bill and Steve invented modern computers 50 years ago, How come boomers now are having trouble using them?

Why is it called "Sonic Boom" because it will open all the banks and everything will be ok?

Scientists of Reddit, what is the most unbelievable thing a casual remark, tweet, or otherwise can offer you about the real-life state of the universe?

[Serious] Conservatives of Reddit, if you truly do not believe our Constitution was created as a living document, then how can you claim you have the right to bear arms, which was not a right until three years after the Constitution had already been created?

You are given the opportunity to permanently lose your memory, but you are also given the ability to temporarily retain some of your most memorable moments. Do you accept? Why or why not?

What was your most unexpected interaction on Reddit that left you smiling like a school girl?

Am I the only one sick of today's culture of having sex to excess?

For non-UK people: what do you think of the US TV shows like Castle, Glee, and America?