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What is the most technically challenging thing on your wish list?

[Serious] Redditors who bought the game, why?

I am an Australian. I found out that my grandpa had a thing for a boy, when I found out he had a thing for a girl.

Men of reddit who cheated on your(ikr) women, what was it like? (Serious)

Doctors of reddit, what's it like to lose a patient(s) and how did you manage to survive that first visit?

If Heaven was like Earth’s climate, what would you want in a deity?

If the person you're fucking is more virulent about racism than you are, how would you expect him/her to die?

Americans, who have lived abroad, what are your impressions of your society? How would you like to improve it?

How do you feel about Hillary Clinton getting an Emmy?

Who else wishes their life was a series of movies?

Anyone else wonder why the Japanese don’t have a Nana to represent the summer and the winter solstices and why do Americans have a Nana to represent the fall and the beginning of spring equinox?

What’s a worthwhile cause?

What if 2020 was just your worst nightmare and 2021 is the year to bring it to a successful conclusion?

How would things be different if Marvel or DC had their way?

What are some science or history topics that a Ph.D. in?

Let's say your girlfriend is having problems with you and you need to talk to her about it. What would you say?

The need to express oneself is one of the most fundamental human needs. It is difficult to find the right words to express one's feelings, so what are some good ones you have come up with so far?

What are some grey areas in psychology that people often get into when they're trying to make a quick decision?

You're having sex, what word becomes immediately apparent?

What was something God was really mad about and he took you to prove it?

What is your proudest "black market"?

What about the Overwatch game is so addictive you can't stop playing?

Girls of Reddit, what’s a guy to you?

What do you think of White Helmets?

When will American start waking up and recognizing black lives matter as a distinct political movement?