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Have you ever been so obsessed with a character that you watched a 24 hr. commercial for 24 hours straight?

Hey reddit, what is the most fucked up thing your child has done?

Doctors of reddit, what is the weirdest case of “I told you so” you’ve seen in a patient?

Females of reddit, have you ever shown your best friend your vagina. If so, what was the outcome?

Why do most redditors hate small businesses?

What game are you nostalgic for but don’t have a great opinion about?

people who have the hots for miniskirt-wearing girl, what do you do?

People who were the same age as you now what age did you start watching anime/manga?

What is better: The Last Airbender, or

What would be the worst job to have in 2020?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and both had blue balls, which one would you get?

Hey redditors, have you ever been a “holier than thou” person and how did that experience change your life?

whom will be the next social/political leader?

The hymen has been found to be real. The penis has been inside of it since birth. What are you going to do?

Who is the most toxic person you know? Why?

What books should a person read at least once in their life

DUKE explained that the arc of the moon is the same as the arc of the shortest path you have traveled along the entire path:

If it was a game, what would be some loading screen tips?

We are the ones who decide what's cool. What's gonna be that thing that everyone is gonna hate?

You are now the manager of Reddit, what’s the strangest thing that has happened at work?

People who own and/or are planning to have children out of wedlock, what is your plan?

What do you think is the best fictional parents?

What's the best explanation for why there are so many answers to this question?

White Macy's employee was attacked with racist graffiti in the nuts, how can we help?

People of Reddit who are no longer in a