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What does your soggy white bread taste like?

Trump supporters of Reddit, what’s one thing about Trump that you do not like?

What is a wholesome, solitary activity that you can do for 30 days straight?

Ladies of Reddit, have you ever shown your best friend your vagina, penis, or both? What was the reaction?

Why don’t you get married young?

If a monster were to appear in 2020 what would it be ?

What do you do when you accidentally watched all of your favourite Netflix shows?

Guys, you're being fed human meat and wine by a girl in a gorilla mask, what do you say?

Girls of reddit, what’s the most obscure thing a guy has done that you think is a little creepy?

What weasel words have you say when first realizing someone wasn't a child prodigy?

Trump voters, what is the most annoying thing a Trump supporter does?

Is there

What do you think would happen to the world if everyone was human ?

Men, what’s one thing about you that women should know?

Well... that was fast. How did you do it?

What cereal does a person normally get excited by?

What is something a lot of people are insecure about?

We all know that movies have realism errors, but what is the real story of the fire hydrant scene?

Ex-atheists, what

What was the best way you’ve ever explained to a perplexed customer how some advanced feature worked without actually explaining what it was exactly?

Other mothers might be having an 'us to them' moment, but our favourite 'mommy' is having an 'them to us' moment?

People who own and/or are proud of making 'graffiti' in marker/board, what is it like to have your opinion represented by so many people?

Why can't we just agree that people are dumb and that it's perfectly reasonable to be upset by what they see around you?

People of Reddit that were murdered/beaten up by their families, what happened?

What's your favorite non-sexual thing your animal has done?