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What's a movie that is enjoyable to watch but can also be overwhelming at times?

Your username is your only weapon in the war to save the world. What is the last weapon you have?

How did a childhood friend get your number?

You’re dating a gorgeous girl, you met her at a party, and after about 30 seconds she just went into hysterics, ran out the door, and then proceeded to tell you how much she loved you?

[SERIOUS] What is the best thing someone has ever done to you?

You are transported to the year 2020. You are Joe, your goal is to destroy all

Criminals of Reddit: if you’re a billionaire how would you like to spend your money?

What’s something that is perfectly legal but is against the way you live your life?

When did you realize you were destined to become a psychiatrist?

Did you ever have a "thing" that other people praised, an imaginary friend, a flesh friend, anything?

Sending a message of goodwill to North Korea, what would you send?

Moms of Reddit - what is the creepiest thing you've found out about your children?

What movie did you find funny as a child but more so physically?

Would you stop dating an otherwise amazing person if one thing made you say "this person isn't me"?

People who voted for Trump in 2016 but won’t be in 2020. What changed your minds?

Your current level of Anxiety, depression and feeling weird. How does it feel to be aware of this?

You find out your unborn baby is not human. What’s your s*** scared of?

Have you ever had a personal (not necessarily religious) experience with God? If so, what was it?

How do I know my GF is into me?

What if being stuck in traffic for an entire day isn't bad enough, but also means that you will be stuck in traffic jams for an entire week?

What’s the best fictional character do you feel bad for?

People who hate it when people make a smiley face when it’s misspelled, how do you know it's you?

What is something everyone can agree sucks and why?

Would you stop dating an otherwise amazing person if you found out he’s an asshole?

How would you feel if we banned white wash from reddit?