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The NFL might be changing its name to the National Basketball Association by the season's end, but it'll be using the name the rest of its existence as the league is known. What's the name of the league from now on?

What is the best sound on an airplane?

My girlfriend is moving out due to rent and groceries. I feel it's my turn to speak out.

What to do, after the first round of humans is done wiping?

what are some upvotes and dislikes on an anime?

what is your opinion on the idea that being a Karen is equivalent to being a animal?

If anime was a game, what would be the loading screen tips?

What is the biggest screwup you have seen from a jury that still hasn't found President Johnson not guilty)?

People who don’t like outside food. Why?

How do you think the world will look in the next millennium?

Is the 2015 Holiday Season Over?

What is a thing that annoys you the most?

Non American what do u think of Australia?

What did you think was the funniest story from Super Bowl 51?

There are few things more frustrating than when your busy schedule gets in the way and you can't complete a task on time. You enter a Compound Interest Game (i.e. you must complete a task for each of the friends that you have) What is it?

What is an iconic (figurative, literal or something in between) figure from history that doesn't quite make the same impression as other times?

As a Jew,

If each country had a unique language (Swedish, German, Mandarin Chinese, etc.), what languages would have the highest average temperature in your country?

People with semi-common sense, what the fuck is your perspective?

Why do some redditors make a face when someone corrects them?

If your life was a videogame, what would some loading screen tips be?

When my girlfriend discovered that I kept her up-to-date on everything going on in my life she got really mad and started yelling. What should I do?

What’s a good way to make friends quickly?

How do you guys feel about The Last Airbender, the last airbender, and everything in between?

Old people of Reddit, what do you wish older people would stop doing?