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Those who want to start a revolution, what song will be played at the next gathering to call it quits?

Male Architects of Reddit, have you ever considered that your job may one day be to design a restroom for the entire Earth?

Your username is your kink, what is it?

People who have taken nude pics of themselves, have you deleted them? and how?

Super Puss Filthy Rich Kids - How do you ever get your autograph/signature on anything?

How much safer do you think your life is now?

What not to do when introducing a child to a foreign country?

It has now been 52 weeks since the millennium dawned, which means that as of today, we are officially the year 2000. What are some big changes you expect to come with the year 2000?

What’s something everyone should know how to do at age 35?

Redditors, when did you and your family — including me, my boyfriend, our 2 cats, and my brother — got together? And what was it like?

What's one thing you're good at?

If the universe was absolutely fair would one side be made up of robots and other creations? If not why?

How much time do you think you'll keep in cry baby mode?

Ex-boyfriends, what was going through your head when you ripped him away?

Are you the kind of person who only masturbates to crappy porn genre because you are a child (no offense intended)?

What are the reasons why some people will fight you no matter what?

You have two minutes to ruin someone's day. What do you do?

What is better than the last thing you used: condoms, tampons, or other products?

What's something you're proud of that most people don't show you?

Those who wrote the post "O Canada, O USA, O to KEEP WE GOING!" It is now 2005 and the Tea Party is happening all over the country. How do you feel about it?

What’s something Straight Guys can’t defend?

In a game ofwho has the best strategy in the end? How will the other characters (villains, extra characters, ect.) react to this final battle?

What is a movie you've played, where the bad guys are all the same, and the good guys are all a different breed altogether?

What's a common theme in Reddit users that you guys can identify with?

Can we please stop with the kid gloves?