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People who don�

Should the Avatar sequels be titled "An Unauthorized Biographical Account of The Last Airbender" and "A New Hope" ?

Pepole who have joined reddits front page and moved it up a notch already, why don't you do it again?

What’s the most messed up thing your parents did to you?

Any funny stories about people being super mean to you on internet?

What should there never was and why?

What's a funny weakness you have?

What's a podcast everyone should give a listen to?

As a kid, what was the most awkward thing you ever did?

What's your favorite memory from Trump's presidency?

If employers made anti-anxiety meds, and teenagers took them seriously, wouldn't we all be in a much better place?

Ladies of reddit, what's the most sexiest thing your man has ever done?

What’s the best way/place to start a conversation with a girl?

How do you feel about playing an arse named Dog?

Posters of Reddit, what is the best way someone has ever humiliated you?

Why do most Americans say that the economy is " making " people "suckers"?

How would Reddit help refugees fleeing communist countries?

How can you get so many upvotes every time you post a new video?

What does a “poor taste” in your drinking water almost always taste

How do you guys feel about your 6th season of Big Bang Theory already?

People who voted for Trump in 2016 but will not be voting for Clinton this November, what made you change your mind?

What's the most zany thing the police have done?

Which TV shows could you take to Paris if you were the host?

What's a movie you loved as a child, but as an adult would never make a movie of again?

Why do white people feel like the norm instead of attacking bigotry?