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Women with penises, how does it feel like to have a penis? Do you ever think about having a foreskin?

People who got in trouble with the police when they were kids, how did it turn

Has the movie "Taken" been unfairly criticized for glorifying slavery? If so, how?

Actors and Actresses, what’s something about Donald Trump that you still don’t know?

What is something you bought with your own money that you don’t normally recommend?

Why is it still legal to partake in politically motivated tasks such as leaf clippers, carrying newspapers or tidying up in federal buildings?

Here is a list of things you can do to be safe from identity theft:

What if it was the year 2050 and the goal was to create the best porn story possible?

Which BS information do you wish people stopped repeating?

[Serious] what's a thing that annoys you the most ?

Now that every species of animal has black holes feeding on other creatures, which animal would be the most terrifying?

Till we meet again, how can we not be angry at one another forever?

People of Reddit who took the atheism as an easy thing, why?

When did you realize your love for your family was enough?

[Serious] Redditors who are in favor of the death penalty, why?

For girls on Reddit, how is it like sucking his dick? NSFW

Scarecrows of Reddit, how did you find out that someone close to you was a "Scarecrow"?

Your income is now strictly based on the number of porn websites your member is a member of. How do you profit from all of this?

What do you think is the best icebreaker/convers

What are some tough questions to pose on AskReddit ?

Redditors with white friends, what white friend could you add to your black friends circle that would be the ideal white pallet?

Does anyone want to translate Frozen for me please?

The last photo posted by Kanye West is unflagged. Where can you find it?

Anyone else wonder if we're being manipulated by computers/smart phones/etc. and if so how can we get our privacy back?

Nor can one start from scratch with knowledge and obtain knowledge ever so much as by playing a video game?