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How do you guys feel about the (sad, but not mean) death of Dad?

What is the best language to learn if you are interested in learning to code?

What was the most unlikely thing that you happened to see at a concert?

What do you think of the Obama re-election?

What is something that is considered "manly" but should also be "women are people too"?

Is it bad to teach your son to drive a car?

How does it feel like to have a penis?

As a child, what one thing made you cry like crazy?

I was at my neighbors house cleaning when I heard a gunshot. When I got there, I saw my brother and his pal in yellow cologne leaving his house. What should i do?

What are your top 5 kink did you discover as a teenager?

What’s an interesting trivia fact to drop in conversation that's just a bit too strange?

What is the most badass thing an angry cow has ever done to you?

How did you start your blog?

What’s a terrible gift you have received but you still have to present to your friends?

Users of Reddit, how much do you hate the comment you just upvoted to the front page?

Doctors of Reddit, what was the best excuse you’ve heard for someone having a bad day?

How many of you are reading this?

Who is this feat and why is his life so fulfilling?

What was something your parents did that you don't think is acceptable?

What is your favourite Steve-Product?

What do you think the official mascot of the USA should be?

Boys we used to sexually assault girls as teenagers. How do we stop it?

What's the best quality in a woman?

[Serious] Why do some redditors treat sex like it's a game and some like it's a game (serious) religion?

How fucked up was your first reddit date?