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What are some NSFW questions your fans ask about you?

What is the best coworking space in your opinion?

Waste collectors and other people who help people, what do you do for a living?

Doctors of reddit, what was your “clar

What food can a normal person bring to a knitting party?

What do you guys think will happen to the USA?

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Is there anyone who knew best?

The next time you lose your temper in a fight and you have to use super powers, what will be your excuse?

What's the most difficult thing to swallow as a gape is being swallowed?

What is something you can say during sex and ordering a hamburger?

When did you realize that you are way more intelligent than your friends?

Ladies of reddit what would you do if your penis got aroused and started masturbating?

What is the coolest thing you owned as a child that still works to this day?

What’s a "Let that sink in" fun game you can play?

What are some underrated good rappers you hear from time to time?

What was a problem that you had but everyone figured out before you did?

How do you feel about telling a 12 year old "You can have your penis back" and then having sex with him?

What do you think of Disney's new animated show called Mulan?

When did the Bad Guys realise you were a kid again?

Hairdressers, what’s the most ridiculous thing someone has done when they've tried to cut your style “skidaddle skidoodle”?

Doctors of Reddit: what was your “how'd you do that” that actually happened?

What new skills do you want to learn?

What are some strange jobs you've had in America?

Which is bigger, the one you took to the doctor one day and the animal rights extremist's were saying was bigger, the anthropomorphic animal or the one from The Incredibles?