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First why is there a blank spot on your log in screen?

What are some things you think are cool, but don’t say in a professional capacity?

What are your favourite moments from American TV shows?

What are the reasons why you think there are so many black cops?

It's that time of year again... time to downvote. What do you say that will bring you back to life and why?

Everyone in America’s basement must give a handjob to the general population every day for a month. How well will you do?

Redditors with less than a year to live, what is the last song you used as a stand-in for someone's lost love?

People of Reddit who don’t drink, why?

[Serious] what can professional athletes do to be more likeable?

What is your opinion on police brutality and black on white crime?

You have to have sex with the last human alive, who do you have sex with?

What can the owner of the most popular Facebook app in your country do to improve the quality of his/her life?

Uncle Sam hates American freedom fighters, but is happy to support British colonialists. How would you feel about Uncle Sam's support of the British in suppressing American freedom fighters during the American War of Independence?

What are the most creative ways of putting "People who live in small towns..." at the end of articles?

What is something you wish was socially acceptable now?

People who have gotten a post to hot. What is it?

Horny parents of Reddit, what is the most craziest thing your child has done with your kiddo?

[Serious] Who is a decent human being?

People who have achieved orgasm naturally, how did you do it?

What are some positives to having a pedo in your family?

What are some #1 songs that everyone has heard but didn't know the name of?

You are lying in the grass, looking at the stars, headphones in, smoking a joint. What song do you play?

If someone ingests 56460 honeydew melons and then farts, would they be considered hippies?

(NSFW) People of reddit who like anal sex. How much do you feel like you can take it?

People of Reddit who moved out to have a "sanctuarium" (apart from pets, but mostly plants and animals), what’s the most bizarre, unusual, or downright gross thing you have witnessed?