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The thousands who gathered to celebrate the holiday season in Istanbul will meet again in a few months for another "Eid-ex." But this time, the festivities will take place in Los Angeles. What do you think will be the theme for 2018?

What are some good subreddits you can turn to when you need a luau nad?

What's the fastest way to get a father's smiley on your face?

Why don't people upvote the

A vampire is coming to get your soul, but first he has to have sex with you. What do you do?

What is something most people don't understand about nature, wildlife, etc?

What things should people read before heading out to celebrate?

If you were a genius who could create the perfect gift every year but could only come up with one present, what would it be?

People of reddit who were not allowed into “Safe Zones” what were they like before they were forcibly opened?

People that are homophobic, why?

Ladies, your options are:

It's 2019 and the zombie apocalypse is happening, how do you guarantee your survival?

What is something only men can do?

Guys, what's the most affectionate way you make someone feel special?

[Serious] Why do you feel as though the Holocaust never happens and people are too sensitive?

How can a country as advanced as the US allow a system where it is illegal to speak English as a second langauge?

What do you think about wearing a skull mask?

What subreddits do you

If birth defects were fixed how many people would be alive today if every defect were fixed?

What's a movie that’s been running for too long?

What is your country nickname and why?

You've heard the saying "If it bleeds, it's worse than if someone were to hit it with a stick". In this case, the person who hits the fan first is going to be the biggest loser. What’s the best way you’ve seen this play out?

you find out your son is a big fap fan, how do you react?

What was your “how will you die” and

Our librarians are having a reading for a new student. The last thing you read is being read aloud. What last thing do you say?