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What are some of the creepiest subreddits?

What exactly are you NOT willing to do for three million dollars an hour?

People who casually shoplift, why do you do it?

Ya know when there's a power outage in the area and you're forced to cook dinner for everyone else in town? Well, you don't have to cook dinner for yourself, do you?

How do I go back to sleep quickly?

People who leave negative reviews on, why?

People who play as a specific race (whom do you think the aliens

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary that you thought would never happen again?

What are some signs of being unfollowed?

What was the dumbest thing someone on Reddit said?

People of reddit that like to listen to full albums, what are your favorite albums to binge?

What’s a minor nuisance that you can live without for a while?

Redditors who separated/divorced within one year of joining reddit, how did you guys cohabit and what was it like/feeling like?

At what job would you be most excited to start working tomorrow?

Pepole of reddit, have you ever had a "thing" shoved up your ass like a booty call? What was it?

[Serious] What would be the straight-up, unabridged, stupidest thing a teacher has ever said?

You wake up as Donald Trump. How do you do it?

Dictators of Reddit, what is the most bullshit way you have been able to control a people?

How do you get a gf?

Would you go through the trouble and expense of bringing a third wheel (another 10 year old, not as fast as the first three but still a tenth of a second faster than a regular person)?

Moderators of Reddit, what's the best way to shut people out without artificially inflating the subreddit?

People who have survived an attempted murder, what's your favorite memory from your childhood?

Welcome to Fallout 4. Your first day is going to be chaotic. What are some things you have to pack for the surprise visit from the police?

Who is the most innocent person you ever met?

Redditors of Reddit, how do you feel about Far Cry 4 being cancelled?