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What's your big break?

What's the most ridiculous thing a journalist has said to you?

How can we stop assholes like Trump and keep them from winning re-election?

What is something you would do to protect yourself and your family from a mass shooter?

People who actually gave lectures all over the country, what was the worst thing that came their way?

People who get up-votes for downvoting, why?

if you could pick one song to represent your entire life what would it be?

Your username is your sex life. How well

What would be the purpose up voting but not deleting a post?

What are some good examples of Reddit gold?

Redditors who read the terms and conditions of reddit here: if you don't watch this movie, why?

What did your childhood remind you

What happened when the laser went off at your local video game console?

Married redditors who caught their Spouse having an affair... How did it affect you?

Why do some Redditors refuse to believe that a six year old could have such strong opinions about sex and a

What's your weirdest "trick question"?

Which Dragon Ball Character does the most damage with one hit?

Users of Reddit who have gone to the gym to workout, what was the weirdest thing you saw while you were there?

What was the name of the first video game you’ve played?

What's the worst person you know?

Mental illness is something that

Have you ever been in a serious relationship and still love your man? How did it change your life?

What are some songs with the same name as a porno?

Which subreddit has been most helpful to you?

What was the sexiest thing your mind saw?