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People of Reddit who work in the food industry, what was the most outrageous thing someone asked for a burger?

If you could wake up tomorrow and everything was the same, would you do it? Why or why not?

What are some weird social ills your friends are guilty of?

The story of how Harry Met Sally is one of the creepiest stories ever told, how it all started?

What is the best thing to say when someone tells you a story that makes you feel like

If you found out you were going to die in 48 hours, what is the last thing you’d want to see on TV?

You’re in high school and if you can pick one super power, it must be the opposite sex's favorite sex's favorite ability. Which is it?

What would life be like if everyone in the world was Human?

Americans, when did you feel the longest "wonder days" and how did they affect you?

Users who upvote a post with 55 upvotes, why?

What did a popular kid (5 year old son) do that you still remember?

How would the world be different if everyone was mute ?

Gym goers of reddit, have you ever been in a fight (beat down anything small as you can) and what happened?

What would Japanese people's first date agreement be?

People who have been on Reality TV shows and Mentioned-Shows (ssw) before, what was the experience like and how did the other person react to it?

Ugly people of Reddit, what do you do to make people uncomfortable?


What would a “cut the bullshit” movement look like?

Sock fuckers of Reddit, why do you do it? Do you get excited thinking about it?

What positive experiences have you had with the Rapture?

How would you feel about a character driven RPG game to shed light on police brutality and show the unfairness of the criminal justice system from the inside out?

What does Copso do that is so much better than just standing there and killing?

People who were killed in self-defense, what happened?

Do you think Reddit is a friendly place? Why or

How would you feel about the 2020 and the **