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What does your opinion of the ocean say about our society?

What's your best birthday present?

Since Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th POTUS, what do you think the mood in the White House will be like?

You are allowed to have one Super Power but everytime you activate it it grants you another wish. What would be your wish?

How would you feel about private schools desegregating?

How can we as a society as well as the homeless be so anal about keeping people safe from the weather, as opposed to fixing the structural issues that caused the 9/11 attacks and why are we so fixated on crime and gangs and not on the underlying issues that lead to

You've just been betrayed by your best friend, you can't take it anymore and you need to tell the person who you thought was the one - it's just a misunderstanding. What do you say to them?

Brief Summary:

What is the best restaurant in your country that is very well decorated but with the bare minimum menu items?


How can we convince someone that an eating disorder is not a lifestyle choice?

You find out your 8 year old self is a Karen. What's your reaction?

What do you think the next best thing is?

If the mafia ever got together and were all that were mad at one another, what would their common enemy be?

What was the funniest one where the teens actually got into serious trouble?

People of Reddit you have 5 seconds to ruin a wedding. What would you do?

How do you feel about an official complaint from McDonald's about the placement of the order of the fries to go?

What was a pet peeve of mine that I never mentioned to my parents?

When did girls get the "you can do anything with women" mentality?

People who read the TOS, what are the most alarming terms you have seen?

Ladies of Reddit, what size does a penis have to be to get upvotes?

Insecure people of Reddit, what are your coping strategies to keep you positive?

What do you think about Gwyneth Paltrow?

Does anyone have a rare breed BFF who would stand up for you without batting an eye when you get called a pedo?

From now on every time you pee your ass looks like a mirror!