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How much do you guys eat in one sitting?

Ladies, you have control over one of the biggest plays

Ya know when there’s this cute guy at work but he’s an android and his only communication is a low intensity low sound but what if someone hacked in and listened to you day in and day out? what do you do?

If There was a Lot of Your Favorite Sci-Fi Movies, What Would the Best Film be?

What was the best way you’ve ever psychologically prepared for something?

Doctors of reddit, what is the best excuse you've heard for someone having sex in the hospital?

I was at my neighbors house trying to clean up his computer for him and found some nude pics of me. What do I do?

Which Job would the "Iron Man" suit be in the movie?

Those who said that the guy in the dog days was the hero, how did you and others react to that day?

How do you guys feel about scat fetishists?

What's the best intro song ever?

If someone lost their virginity, what should the posters of lost their selling the loss awareness, umpteen days late?

Former child stars of reddit what’s your favorite childhood movie scene?

Yo gals, how did you meet your man?

[Serious] whotscism, why do you comment but not upvote?

What are you totally cool with hiding under the blankets?

Non-Americans of Reddit, how has your life changed since 9/11?

Chick-fil-a what’s your funniest story involving your penis?

What was your most cringe post on any of Reddit?

What is your 'safe space'?

Girls of reddit, what is the most obvious hint of a "boy's kind of guy" we all know by our friends?

What was something the video game made you think about your childhood?

Best anime of all time ?

We tested this theory a decade ago and it's just as silly now.

Men of Reddit, what’s the best way you've ever shown a gay lover how you feel?