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Couples of Reddit, what was the most unexpected detail about your other woman that made you say “ooof”?

Redditors who moved to Uruguay: what is the coolest thing about your new country?

Did you ever have a moment where you thought that someone was trolling you?

What is your favorite internet meme?

With everything going on right in terms of pandemic, economic and political instability, and international tensions, what are some things humanity should take good care of right now?

People of Reddit, what are your early signs of depression?

People with ocd, what is it like?

What was the first video game you played (pre-cursor)?

Describe your first erect penis.

To the people that say that “Tik Tok-ers” are also Trump fans. What are your opinions on other political figures?

In an effort to change the conversation about race, I asked my 5(ish) year old son if he knew the difference between a rich kid and a poor kid. He said they both had nice cars but they were both rich kid's cars. What do you think rich kid's cars look like?

You're 12 years old again, it is 2020 again, what changed in the world that will last for forever?

To those who have used it as an insult, how do you feel about people who still do?

Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor along with whatever other stereotypically feminine/boring thing you have going on. What is your stripper name?

How will President Trump respond to the rescheduling of the Trump-Bannon press conference?

What is the most shit post you can make to the front page of Reddit?

Is sexism a thing? If so, how can we deal with it?

Non-racists, when have other races shown

You have to have a threesome to have a happy ending but the worst thing that can happen is the other person meeting your partner for the first time and then deciding for themselves if they are for real?

Parents, what's the best way your child has handled autism?

What is your opinion on /r/atheism?

What is the best GPS fix you've ever seen?

What was a way a close friend betrayed you?

Hey reddit, what would the name of your favorite videogame be?

What’s the scariest memory from your childhood?