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People who dislike their current video game because it has bad music, why?

Guys that played as girls, did you ever play as a boy? What was it like?

What do you think is the strongest statement you can make against Trump right now?

Redditors, what's the best way to make friends?

Men of reddit, what’s a great way to make yourself more appealing to a woman, without having to do anything?

[Serious] Former Gang Members, what incident happened

People who survived COVID, what are your current thoughts about the sequel?

What is something you bought with a co-worker's money but someone always stole it back?

What are some of the "safe spaces" online that many students do not know about?

What annoys you the most about Reddit?

People who don't watch videos at 2am sharp what are you doing to stay awake?

The movie

People who still support Trump. What reason do you have for supporting Trump?

What’s a wholesome, solitary event that you can simultaneously attend both as a adult and as a child?

Who was the most obviously gay (besides your parents)?

People of Reddit who have an IQ of 140 or higher: what is something you can say during sex and dating that would heighten their sexual

Ya know when Fruh has the best day?

Which one of us is a bit of a Lazy Sunday?

What is something you bought for yourself that made you say "Oh, my gosh..."?

That same classmate at college that you used to hang out with turned out to be your crush. What's a simple way for the two of you to make it official?

It's July 2020 and the zombie apocalypse is happening, how do you guarantee your survival? (Serious)

[Serious] I'm a huge Buffy fan but shes absolutely evil. What is your opinion on her?

What's a song you can't stop humming even when you know it's not a good song?

What is the one moment you have where you felt like the universe was finally cracking a joke?

You don't hear a lot about people with disabilities, do you?