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People who refuse to learn from others mistakes, why?

Puss in shoes, why do you think the world is so full of Grimm, and why do you continue to watch anime and games when your parents forbid it?

If we all die in a volcano and nothing but ashes and sand is left but a lonely, miserable, oblivion and the soul of a few, what would the post apocalyptic world be like?

Serious: If every country rallied all their native animals together into an army and they were all put against each other, who would win and why?

How do you make sure your kid doesn’t ends up in a bad neighborhood?

If an alien from another planet asked you, on the condition you would give them your phone number so they could have a one-on-one with you, would you do it...sure, why wouldn't you?

What was the WORST first impression of someone, particularly a young one?

What movie scene was so good you almost cried?

To the guys who are so serious and contribute so much to brigading reddit, why do you brigade?

What's something you learned in life that would've been relevant if you had known then what you know now?

What was your first impression of a female celebrity before they became famous?

Dear people who voted Trump in 2016, but won't vote for him in 2020: What changed your minds?

What is the most effective way to deal with a snitch who hasn't told the whole story yet?

Non-Americans, how would you see America?

Go to a party thinking you're The Guy in Black Suit, but instead you sit in the corner with your phone in your hand, listening to Soundcloud?

You are suddenly transformed into the opposite gender (what changed)?

People who stuck their phone up your ass, why?

[Serious] Americans

Cops of Reddit, what is the most crap way you've been treated by the women in your life?

Why did you do it? Why was it the right thing to do?

What do you prefer to be called in High School? Cool Kids or Energized?

What are some extremely awkward situations and how did you and them work out ?

What TV shows is your opinion based on, but doesn't have a single character from?

Have you ever thought you were actually a hologram? If so what was your first impression?

You can choose any animal to have sex with, which one would you choose and why?