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What’s the best language you’ve ever heard someone say in a row?

Have you ever been so good at something because you were bullied as a kid? How did you deal with it growing up?

What's one thing you wish you could say during sex but can also say during chemistry class?

What has the young generation done to keep you young?

Gamers of reddit, what is the best thing about Grand Theft Auto?

People who go to protests, why?

Tattoo artists of reddit, have you ever had a client who got a crazy artist to do a design on his tattoo what was it like?

Americans...what has been the deciding factor in your view on the USA?

What will be the American response to the Olympics?

Someone took your virginity. How would you react to that?

Your username is your ONLY weapon against a predator. how do you protect yourself?

Men of Reddit, what would your go-to sex tips?

Married couples of Reddit, what was the best thing that you have seen during our holy month?

If a monkey took your pencil and started drawing, what do you think pencils would do?

What happened to Male Gaze?

What do you think is the perfect pornography?

What's your favourite 'Cousin' story??

When did it become acceptable to post/comment with grammatical errors? [serious]

How much weight should you lose from the 1600-plus scale?

What other subreddit could you go to for a laugh?

What is the most interesting (not sexual) way a teacher has made you feel special?

Men of reddit, since you get to pick the gender for the last thing you masturbate, which gender would you pick?

What is the best way to draw someone in a game of yours?

What are you terrible at and why?

What is something that you can also say at a family reunion?