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Have you ever been in an accident that resulted in you losing your voice for a while? What was that like?

What is your greatest wish and why?

Serious question: if you were put in a room with the titanic but you were naked, would you do it, why/why not?

Doctors of reddit, what was your “oh I thought that was common sense” moment?

[Serious] When was the last time you were genuinely sorry?

How would you feel about a dating sim game like "Game of Love" where you play a fictional version of a person who has a sim card?

If your girlfriend was in your moms body and your mom was in your girlfriends body would you be happy? Why or why not?

[Serious] White people of Reddit, what is something about your race that other white people should know (if only toenail clippers or nail clippers would be an obvious example)?

People who lived in Third World countries and Third World countries only met the locals, how did it affect your relationship with them?

What has a significant other said that absolutely terrifies you?

Redditors, in honor of the error of your ways, how do you celebrate good day?

Your username is your avatar. How is that going to work out for you?

18-20-year old male rats are being filmed raping a cute 18 year old female rat. The rat is crying so hard she loses control and starts screaming. The owner of the rat quickly reposts the shit and takes the video upvotes because "it's his"

Ladies and gents of Reddit, do you notice a different type of vagina/ vagina style blowjob you get from a guy than what you get from a guy? If so, how different is it?

We live in The Matrix. What are some of the subliminal messages you've planted throughout your life?

Who is a hero you feel you've met before?

What are the 100 best things about your country?

What to do to attract a better girlfriend?

What are you really good of, but people hate?

Those of you with child-like minds, what is the most thing you've ever wanted to be a pornstar?

What would you do if one day you were attracted to the same sex and all of a sudden you were not attracted to the same sex but were magically attracted to the opposite sex?

What kind of post do you wish existed on Reddit?

When has time started for you?

What is the most badass thing a female friend has ever done for you?

Everyone in the world is going to heaven, but only 1% of the earth is actually Heaven, and the other 95% is Hell. What's your plan for the remaining 95% ?