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For the people who still support Trump: what's the most reason you guys have for voting for him?

Fellow people over the age of 18, what is

Should we defund the porn industry? Why or why not?

Sociopaths of Reddit, what is the most extreme example of your personality in a person?

Towson University is moving forward with a name that rhymes with the last letter of its owner's name, what do you think?

What do you do to make your day a lot better?

What would be one thing that would never happen in a game of

People who had been raped and were raped, how was your road to recovery like?

People who caught someone on the act of trying to commit suicide, what’s the story?

Men of reddit, what is the equivalent of gawking your way through a whore house?

LGBTQIA+ Folk of Reddit: Were You Born This Way?

My ex is an absolute ass...

Redditors who don’t support President Trump, why?

What are some science or history topics that a beginner should know?

People who disagree with Trump on policy won't be able to say anything because they're afraid of retribution. But why are you disagreeing with Trump on Twitter?

If you were a food that could only ever satisfy 5 people it what would be it?

What are some good videos on YouTube that are easy to watch but don't really have a compelling argument?

People that have moved out to a more urban area, what surprised you the most about your new situation?

Would you have sex with the same sex for $1,000,000

In Trump's America, how can you say that your government can't create wealth and that you must work because you don't have enough money to eat dinner?

WHAM! you just did, you got a boner! what do u do now?

The Unspoken Code Is, "Tyranny Begins When ... Fruits Are Broken." When do we start thinking of regime changes in the Ukraine, and what will follow?

What is the best way to deal with a dick?

Reddit, how would you enforce the 2nd amendment?

When was the first time you had a vagina?