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People who have not

People of Reddit with a photographic memory. What’s it like on the inside? is it crazy or do you get the feeling that you can always come back to this?

What was the first time you ever experienced a spontaneous sesh of joy after you beat the crap out of a friend?


How is it that people still believe in unicorns?

You can control every person's dreams on Earth with one thought. What are your means?

Reddit, please show Calum Gorman some love.

What is the best kind of porn to watch?

People who have had sex with a family member, how does it feel like?

Do you support removing the statues of war-era figures (such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson) from your city or states? Why or why not?

What is the weirdest, coolest, most unique, or most creative prank you’ve ever pulled off?

People who swear by their culture: What's the actual substance?

What are your thoughts on Snowflakes Day?

Why did you quit smoking?

How do you feel about the fact that Reddit now categorizes you as the opposite sex?

What would be the BEST government in your opinion?

How do you guys find motivation to do something everyday so that you can achieve your goal of quitting smoking in 6 months?

What would the perfect country be like?

Gym goers of reddit, what is something that you would strongly suggest other people not to show off in front of other people?

What do you think of Trump's recent tweet that women aren’t people ?

What do you consider to be funny?

How do you guys feel about Anita Sarkeesian?

What’s a sensible, common sense idea that a lot of people seem to have but is actually dangerous?

People of Reddit with extremely low self-control, how do you deal with them?

[Serious] What are some of the most ridiculous "facts" that people believe to be true?