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If you could communicate with any living person, who would you want to talk to and why?

You're twelve years old again, it's 2019 and you're having lunch at your house with your family. As a result of this new found knowledge, what new knowledge do you have that will change the world forever?

What is your biggest fault and how do you feel about it?

Trump has proven to be an absolute liar and is doing exactly what he said he would do. What lies ahead for him?

Possibly involving running, swimming or any mental challenges what are some challenges to your 2020 plans?

Is It Okay to Punish?

Redditors with more than one job, which one are you?

People who went to see a shrink before seeing a psychiatrist, what was his reason?

You're 12 and the US government releases nanobots that can disable a person's thoughts, but this person has the ability to consciously control how the release of the nanobots happened. What was the last thing you consciously did in order to harm the world?

Your last post will be up on the front page of Reddit within 24 hours. What was it, and how will it impact your life right now?

By your logic, how would you reconcile the fact that you have a penis and a vagina?

What did your crush do that was so funny, the other person couldn't take it?

How will there be a happy ending to this and why?

Everyone in the world is watching your every move. What game are you really good at?

Who was your childhood idol and why?

Gamers of Reddit, since when did it become trendy to defend

Why do most redditors hate people who don't wear hoodies?

Redditors with small towns, what are your memories of those who lived there and what's the most indelicately unpleasant incident you recall?

If you suddenly appeared in the room with The Producers, what would be the plot of the episode?

People who have seen their Father figure getting destroyed in a fight, what did you do?

Girls of Reddit, what is the most loser thing your gf has ever done?

If you were dating/in love with someone who was also your teacher, what would you do?

How do you guys feel about 8-year-old autistic boy Marcus S antanas being smothered by his teacher in America?

2,500 years ago, in what part of the world are you from?

(NSFW) Guys of Reddit, do you prefer penis or vagina? Why?