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African Americans: what are some positive signs from the protests?

I'm an atheist, but my parents are devout believers... how can one be so sure of one's faith?

Redditors with large plugs in their ears (should be obvious) how do you listen to the world around you?

What did you assume was a sign of superior character but actually isn't?

What are some good ways to be useful?

Imagine you have a minute to live. You see a friend get murdered and a classmate gets caught stealing. What do you do?

With everything going on right in terms of an Ebola outbreak, a UFO crash landing on Earth, and a national guard battling

At this point in 2020, what will be the last job to go to?

What if someone replaces you with the opposite gender version of the same role for a year?

Who is a better villain?

People who spell it "

What food do you love but strongly suspect most of your "favorite person" is a fraud?

What does it feel like to be liked?

What's the best time to go to the beach?

Cops of reddit, have you ever had a close friend or anyone you knew get killed by a cop, and how was the interaction?

Those who like President Trump, what makes him such a "C" range?

What are some examples of your country getting too much love?


What would be a funny introduction to a painful subject be?

Why is TPP so important? $150 billion a year in lost manufacturing jobs, trillions in lost tax revenue, and trillions in new debt?

Who's the best?

What is your best (not necessarily sexiest) sex advice?

Ladies of Reddit, do you prefer blue collar tradesman or white collar worker and why?

Female marathon runners, what are some of the strangest things you’ve seen while training?

Law enforcement officers of Reddit, have you ever been the target of a racist on duty? What happened?