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The Browns need to trade Johnny Manziel. Who should they do it and why?

What is the most crazy, mind-blowing, or downright bizarre thing that you’ve ever heard about yourself?

[Serious] How much longer will we allow ourselves to be manipulated by corporate media?

[Serious] If humans had a mating call, what would it sound like?

Who is the most pathetic fictional character that you can come up with?

Who are the best two-dimensional fictional characters you know?

What things are there that girls get wrong?

How do you feel about an SF where the last page of the last book is a foreshadowing of the last scene of the previous book?

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Redditors of Reddit. How does it feel to be a regular user?

What is one thing you wish you didn't get to know about girls until much later in life?

[Serious] People who were bullied in kindergarten and wish there was a way to report it to the police, what can we do to help?

How much wood would it take to melt a log?

Anime or Manga, which is it?

What are you wearing to brunch that no one will know about?

In honor of our first black president, what are some positive first steps you've taken to change things for the better?

(NSFW) How many of you are in your social circle?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using paypal instead of sign up?

You're a space pirate. You get to spend a month in space with no food or water but you get all the special equipment required to be a space pirate. What do you buy?

If you were a half-demon half-human hybrid (half animal), which demon would you be and why?

Are there any non-biased, trustworthy news outlets? If so, how many do you think actually do?

What is the best place on earth to come to if you’

What do you think of dolphin?

What games are a bit too difficult?

What is the weirdest thing your son has done to you?