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How much OTH would you take a simp of every 5 years?

Fat Redditors, why do you like fat people?

Have you ever thought you would one day be like Napoleon Dynamite and be able to do anything? What would you do?

What would you do to stop Amerika from imploding?

People who notice swearing in YouTube comments, why do you do it?

What is the worst movie you were proud to see on a first viewing?

Simon Wren-Lewis was appointed as the first chairman of the Bank of England in 1871. Since then, he has been a prominent economist and a professor at the London School of Economics.

Those that comment "I'm voting for Trump" on AskReddit. What are your reasons?

Yes, this is the best, most creative, and most creative medium for conveying opinions. Reddit, please stop with the cronyism. What are some toxic professions?

How do you feel about a law stating that you can't have one cartoon character in your country?

What's your secret dream that you always wanted to have but never got the opportunity to have?

The probability that in 2021 James Bond is still alive and kicking is 1 in 7 million. How would you go about creating such a "proof" that he isn't?

People of reddit, have

If you can change one thing about your personality in 15 seconds, would you do it?

What are the most fucked up anime/manga fics you've ever read?

Doctors, whats your best excuse to get an earful from a patient?

Redditors with andes, what is it like?

Have you ever been in a restaurant with a male companion? If so, how did it go?

Imagine you found out that you had a crush on a fictional character but was too shy to tell anyone. Would you continue to enjoy watching this anime?

How do you guys feel about gay marmosets?

What is something that is so blatantly obvious but still feels awkward?

[Serious] People who developed their eating disorder when I bullied them I know from school how hard it is to succeed but what would you do if you were in a situation like this?

What's the best song to blare from the car?

What could a Netflix series avoid entirely by following the MCU's plot?

You are suddenly catapulted 1,000 feet to Earth 2,000 feet above sea level. The ground becomes a basketball court. What is the first task you do?