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People with birthmarks, do you notice them, how old were you when you noticed them, and what do you want people to know about them?

What was a famous saying that you heard from an extremely famous person that made you say “I’m powerful”?

[Serious] Have you ever had a dream so good, that you ended up sad when you woke up ? If so, what was it?

What do you look forward to the most from 2016

What do you think of the "New Atheists" (theists, agnostics, skeptics, etc) and their tendency to call everything "religious" even if it is objectively supernatural?

Will the moon redirect all its heat in order to warm us? What will the next best thing be?

What one thing in life should you always have in your bag?

What would have happened if Donald Trump had won the election in a landslide?

Girls who have done some Reddit , what was the first thing you saw he did that made you want to

People of Reddit who have an IQ in the top 1% (137 or higher), what is your life like

If France had a hunger Games, what foods would be included in the competitions?

You're able to change any rule, but only if it's the absolute worst possible solution. What is it?

What needs an absolute makeover, but can also be extremely helpful?

Guys, how many of you are actually on the balls (or boobs) when it comes to sex?

What are some childhood favorite movies?

How do you feel about someone who preaches hate?

What's the most contrived thing someone has ever said in a professional capacity?

Without giving away anything, what are some of the major themes and concepts of the MCU?

How would things be different if someone had real blue eyes?

What's your answer when someone says that sex was a gift?

Which character from all of fiction falls flat in the end?

To the cops who have been around the block before. What was your first day like?

[serious] People of Reddit with darker skin tones, what is it like to be able to wear makeup with no issues and still look like a child?

Men of Reddit, what's a thing women don't understand about being a man?

What's your favourite Netflix title?