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What's the best choice that you've ever made?

How would you feel about a world where rappers get paid to rhyme and actor's get paid to speak?

Redditors who keep asking gay questions about atheism, I see you. :)

Everyone in the United States’s water supply gets replaced with a swimming pool. What do you think will be in the new pool?

Females of Reddit, what is a guy supposed to do to attract a girlfriend?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done that actually worked?

How would you feel about a "Dr.Horrible" type show where no doctor is around but only the worst possible doctor would talk about the show?

So, are you sick of the bisexuality fad and why?

The Simpsons have taken this very idiotic gag from '80s and turned it into a skit. What other things could they do with 20 minutes?

If you had a day to fuck anything that isn’t a cop, what would you do?

What kind of porn do you think your son should watch?

What's something you’d be happy to sell for a million dollars?

Redditors who have been in a serious relationship, how did it go?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and want to have sex in them simultaneously, what advantages would there be?

what is it about your country that you're not very fond of?

why you no comment?

How do you feel about the Vietnam and the JFK assassinations?

The Tim Cook effect is happening, says wine blogger

People who wear glasses at work do you notice less effective sight reading because of it?

2016/03/13 12:29

You've heard the most heart-stopping stories from your childhood, but what about real life?

Goodwill/thrift shop workers of Reddit, what are some good ways you have "thanked" a friend for a donation?

Girls of reddit, what is the best way you've ever masturbated?

What song were you crying over the most in high school?

What is your opinion on homosexuality?