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Redditors, what are your regrets?

If you were the opposite gender version of a celebrity, who would you be

if life was a video game, what is one thing that a lot of people would do for free?

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning.


Which of these is worse than the other?

Do you guys have any real life conversations? If not, what do they sound like?

What could have Spock done to win the truman show?

What’s it like to be the front page of the internet?

[Serious] what are some good ways to be useful in 2017?

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?

What is your opinion on Kevin Durant leaving for good?

[Serious] People who are not participating in protests, but instead are using bots to upvote posts? Why are you not participating?

People who keep asking 9/11 questions on 9/11/

People who rant on Reddit, why?

People who were the topic of a fake news article today, what are your current stories and why?

Who is your favorite father in movies/books/anime?

Have you ever regretted your decision? If so, what was the ending of the video game?

What is this feeling, but no one cares about it?

What is your favorite day in your life?

If apples were black and oranges were white, which would the color codes be?

Flat Earthers, what flat earth theory is your current view?

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What would be an interesting way to die?

People of Reddit who have won arguments with their parents, what did you learn that they didn't know?