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What was the first pet you bought?

If all superheroes had boobs and tails what would

People of Reddit who don't support Bernie, why?

To the people that oppose because it's sexist, heterosexist, or racist, HOW DID YOU COME SO FAR?

Users of Reddit who use Bing, why?

Gamers of Reddit, when did you realize you were destined to become

what was the dumbest thing your parent, teacher, etc has said?

Men of Reddit, what's the biggest blow-up you've seen from an empowered woman?

Redditors who are on the fence about voting for Trump 2020, why are you voting for Trump in the first place?

Just wanted to say that my boyfriend cheated on me with another woman. Reddit, have you ever been in a serious relationship and how did it affect you?

Redditors, what is the best thing to say when being angry?

Toss and Turn objects with your mind; what other useful skills will there be?

What foods are essential to human survival, but should be consumed only when absolutely necessary?

What are some good alternatives to reddit that people should know about?

You're an NFL free agent, but all you want is a one-season deal with the team salary being what it is because of the game. What season do you think you'd be good for?

You go into the woods one day and hear a shotgun being pointed at you from across the street. What song do you play?

Do you think the Israeli air force and navy are out there in the Middle East hunting Al Qaida?

Why do some people go on and on about Asian Americans? Is there some deep seated feeling that we aren't supposed to have about our community?

What's the most creative way you've cheated and are still good at it?


What is your answer to the question, who's better, Donatello Da Vinci or Leonardo Da Vinci?

If you were a shark and you had to sting an innocent human, what would you choose?

Why does Reddit go on and on about privacy, when there are numerous ways that your Facebook, Gmail, and other accounts can be used to track your every move

People who have been with multiple people in a porno, what did they do that made you say "fuck that" then proceed to hurt them?

Why are you still awake, minding your own business?