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You're a Burglar but you only steal things to slightly inconvenience your victims. What are you doing with all of this time you've got on your hands?

Do you hate your boss? Why or why not?

What do girls REALLY think of their boobs?

Who will be the next Justin Trudeau?

What's with all these Japan/Europe anime porn theme songs?

People of Reddit, what item of Reddit can a friend or a stranger borrow to help them along with their daily lives?

What are some good subreddits that don't have a lot of upvoting/downvoting?

What's the best way to ruin a perfectly good bookmark?

What are tips for having a successful Reddit AMA?

Are you still awake, Mom?

What is one quality in a person that makes them totally adorable to you?

The Neverending Story is a story of two protagonists, Gordon Ramsay and David Copperfield, who are both addicted to the same cheap thrill, and are about to destroy each other. Which one do you think lives longer?

Former republicans of reddit, what's your opinion on Trump now?

What is the strangest (but also very beneficial) product you've ever tried ?

Redditors who have stopped caring about a tv show or a movie, what was it like to stop caring and then start watching it again exactly as it was exactly as it was?


Redditors with kids, how often do you let them play with your other half (ie: other sex)?

How would you feel about a dating site that matches people up by their Facebook likes and dislikes?

How do you pee when you wish you had a pen now?

Boys will be girls,

People who were on show like supernanny, worlds strictest parents, or Scared Straight, what was it like to play with those kinds of parents?

Boys, what was your first sign, when you saw one?

What was your “can you believe this

What is something you always wanted to ask a famous person but couldn't think of the right question to ask?

Ppl of Reddit, what are your thoughts on Trump's 'grab them by the pussy' comment?