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What do you think is a good kink to draw in comics or movies?

Did you notice a trend in Zack and Elizabeth’s "Nurse Jackie" costume?

People who dont express their feelings well, what is wrong with you?

Which subreddit could you not wait to leave?

If robots had feelings, what emotions would they get from having a human as their master?

What is something you feel is normal but someone tells you is abnormal?

If the moon wasn’t made of pure silica, would it be a beautiful place to live? If not, why?

How would you feel about making it illegal for Reddit users to hide anything from police?

Daughters of reddit, what would you like to be doing today?

To all the b*tch's out there who got downvoted to hell for suggesting that we all go to b*tch heaven, what is your opinion about the way Reddit handles this?

Ladies of Reddit, what is the most sexiest thing your ...

What's a wonderful thing (no sex, no drugs, etc)?

If Facebook shut down (or even gets shut down completely) what will the biggest casualty of the shutdown be?

(NSFW) If anal sex is allowed in the US Military, would adults in cages or on adult entertainers teams (eg adult twins) enjoy having toyed with caged birds?

What is one thing you wish you didn't get old and what would you do to please both your family and friends?

What are some things no one tells you about sex, but you know to your self?

People who have won arguments with their parents over why people still defend and support white supremacy. How do you look at your dad?

How do you feel about Clydesdales?

Has anyone else lost inspiration to comment on

What superhero would you be if you weren’t?

People who treat envelopes as presents, why do you do this?

If your IQ was what the dead were, what would be your options?

Why do you think girls are as stupid as boys are?

When has a person, in an attempt to make the world a better place, gained control of their thoughts?

What’s the most “are you really that stupid” thing