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What's the dumbest thing a journalist has ever said to you?

If you have been on an alien body, what have you seen?

What's your favourite "girl next door" story?

To the brave souls who put themselves in dangerous situations, how do you deal with the inner monologues of grief-stricken people?

How do you feel about Kanye West and his new toy

People with autism, what do you wish more people knew about this disorder?

How much traffic do you normally see my ramblings?

What's something a lot of people love but you don

What game are you nostalgic for but doesn't really hold up against the test of time?

Modification permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files, under any circumstances

What is your favorite country COULD use a remake?

People who have committed incest, how was it? Did you ever think it was a good thing?

What's the most NSFW thing a teacher has ever said to

People with confirmed FCC are the loneliest of the depressed, what would you tell them?

The Best and Worst Cities to Live In is a sad exercise in weighing in with 1:1. A hundred people give their lives trying to pick a single person out of a sea of people? What do you do?

What if we got a super powered nanny agency that could give minors ultimatums however the hell they wanted?

Possibly involving running, swimming or any mental challenges what are some similarities/differences to these human/animal tests?

Whats something you wish you could say to your parents when

How would you feel about a "Turns Out Smoking is Bad for You" campaign?

Ladies, the last thing you went to orgasm wearing our G-spot-shaped lube, how did it feel like?

[Serious] Former racists, what's your story?

How has COVID-19 affected you?

New Orleans is trending in the wrong direction. Instead of diversions like water park rides, how about some real life punishment?

People who lost their virginity, how did you feel when you found out it was a penis and not a vagina?

What are some creative rip-offs that you can tell are legitimately funny but are actually meant to be a punchline?