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Why do some guys still defend George Floyd like he was a boy?

Which holiday destination was the best experience in getting to know a hiker

What is your view on the military/police brutality and the militarization of our entire economy?

How to Relax After an Upset Marriage?

Why do we struggle to find motivation to do something everyday so that we can achieve something awesome the next day?

Redditors who have had sex with a celebrity, what was that like?

How do you think the world would be different if everything was just a simulation?

What do you think is the greatest feat a human has ever done?

What is an Instagram post that people are always jealous of?

[Serious] Do you have any beef with Gen Z? If so, what is the beef?

Plumbers of reddit, what are some idiosyncrasies of your trade that other people don’t understand?

How would you feel about a dating site that matches people up by their anime or video game skills?

Does anyone know a Discworld character who is just as annoying as the books are?

Scout What’s the most badass thing your mind has woken up from?

What is the best YouTube channel to watch while exploring inner cities?

Admins of Reddit, what's your favorite sub and why?

4 People who met their boyfriend at a party, how did it go?

People that donate a lot of money to streamers and artists, at what point did you start to think "fuck this, I'm done this" ?

The alarm clock was turned on for you, what was the first thing you going to do?

Where is the most cringe place you have played a video game?

Let's say someone you know that is really ugly. What could you do to make them feel better?

Dear atheists, what are some good arguments in support of religion?

Why is r/atheism's sidebar so full of the Tom Thumb playbook?

This week, we open all the flood gates to make the world a better place. What will the world be in 5 years?

You suddenly become the center of a universe, and everything in it is yours. What is it exactly?