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What would be your Go-To Ugly Cringe Detector Scams?

As a student, what are some steps you have taken to avoid getting trapped in an academic repetitive task?

Any shout outs to old friends?

Ladies of Reddit, what's the best penis size you've ever had?

People who live in Wyoming, why?

What is your favourite My Little Pony gag?

Girls of reddit, what is something guys really don’t realize you like?

Anyone else wonder if there is a spy agency/ government agency or some other kind of unwiped evil entity that nobody knows about?

Men of reddit, what thing about you does a woman's lack of awareness for masturbating (not related to GWA) make her think twice about it, even though it's perfectly fine?

What will the first reddit post that reaches 1 million up

What do you think about the misogynists of Reddit?

Can we please just leave this here...

Since President Trump is impeached, what are your thoughts?

What was the best insult you ever heard?

Who is your favourite bad boy?

How would you feel about a "Karen" type character on a show like Warehouse 13?

What did you do to make the best friends you could make?

What’s the best translation of a professional foul language dictionary you know?

Children of professors, have you ever had a protégé? If so, how did it work for you?

What is the best time to masturbate?

NSFW If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

You just got an offer for $600K...but to collect it, you gotta have sex with the main character of

How much longer will we allow this?

What was a popular movie in the 90s, but now seems quaint?

The last video game you played is emulated into being your bank statement, what are your thoughts on it?