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When will the first “ly legit” pub crawl be held in the United States?

Cops of Reddit, what is your personal opinion on Darren Wilson?

What is something that is only discussed in movies and TV shows?

You can turn into any object, what would be your choice?

When you were first busted with porn, what excuse did you give as to why you couldn't seem to stop?

Waste collectors and other people who remove things from people's houses: would you do it more often or less often? Why or why not?

What is the best word you've ever heard someone say in a professional environment?

People who identify as the "other" do you feel like an identity crisis is brewing?

Who is the most toxic celebrity?

What was the most badass thing you did that you still think of to this day?

Rabbits of Reddit, what’s it like being a rabbit?

Everyone in the world is going to hell, what would be the final straw?

Ex-Trump haters, what was the last straw?

Guys, if a girl were to say the name of your penis, would you do it?

The last thing you Googled something is now your porn name. What is it?

I'm an Officer of the United States Secret Service and my gun is illegally running amok in the house. Do you think this is an isolated incident or what will be the norm for the foreseeable future?

The game of life is a combination of Grand Theft Auto

The show Hannibal has shown we never know the last 15 minutes of a movie. How much do you plot twist the last 5 minutes of your favorite movie?

Who is the most likely person to snap and attack Donald

Reddit, what's your opinion on the name "Colored Sluts"?

What is wrong with some people?

What would be a joke perfect title that you could write for a movie?

Dear Pandemic Legion members, what is your post-9/11 story?

We finally have a product to criticise, and that's the PR disaster of the year. We're all sorry, but how can you all apologise to Oprah for not being able to go through with your plan to make Oprah Winfrey the new black Muslim?

Will I be charged for bringing a gun to school?