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What’s the best cellphone wallpaper?

What are signs of being a failed relationship?

Non-Americans, which religions would you add to the list and why?

Which popular song do you think has a great video?

[Serious] Black women of Reddit, what are your thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case?

What would have happened to the USA had the slave trade and Jim Crow laws not taken place?

Cops are thugs, don't they? Why do some people see cops as kind?

Parents of Reddit, what is the best thing your child has done that you are still proud of?

what can trump do to win re-election?

which do you think is better? Bad ass bro culture or cutest kid friendly anime?

What was your darkest nightmare in your life?

The Trump administration is killing us with their regulations, taxes and cuts, why don't they regulate jobs and taxes and keep unemployment from ever reaching critical mass?

What scream show do you think you'd be okay with watching a few times?

Women of Reddit, what’s something important you think a man can do to be a better friend?

What's the dumbest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Parents of reddit, what are things your children do that bother you?

If Disney was such a fraud, how would you feel about a show based on your life ?

How much easier your life would be if you had super powers?

What would you do if

Forget what you learned in school, what did you actually learn that was useful?

How would you feel about a show with Frank Welker as the host/the cop who beats people?

If you were a dolphin who'd like to mate with an elephant (lots of kissing, lots of rolling around, no taunting) what would you do?

To all the lesbians of Reddit, what do you prefer? Cuckold or Wife Swap?

What can be said during sex but can also be said in betta?

What is dangerous to say during sex?