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What’s the most absurd thing a police officer has ever said to you?

Whats a compliment you can give someone that really makes them say "wow" ?

[Serious] Men of Reddit, what's something straight people overlook when they complain about being a "manly man"?

If cloning was a science, what would some basic science questions help you with?

Teenagers of Reddit, what would you do if a new category was born called “キャプレゼント”?

What's one thing that makes people think they’re special?

Redditors with and/or who have found happiness by writing their username on the side of a piece of paper?

What do you think of Makin’s Delight?

If you could go back and change one decision what would it be?


What would the government do with all the tax money?

What is something that your parents constantly pressured you to do?

[Serious]  What would you take to be dead?

What happened at your work accidently causing the death of 3 people?

They say the grass is always greener somewhere, but what about somewhere even greener?

If being lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender was "normal" until you tried to live it, what's your story?

People who have gone toe to toe with a shark off the coast of America how the 'fight' went and what did you

When was the last time you actually got downvoted to hell and why?

What's a small thing that makes your day a lot better?

Redditors, who is the best person to ask when something seriously awry happens to you?

How is your new found respect for Aubrey Plaza ?

How would things be different if God

What types of NSFW questions would you love an answer to, and what are some that you are sure others will never have asked you?

You are suddenly transported to year 0. Everything is black and white, and you have just one knowledge. What is it?

Who are the most badass chinese characters?