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Teachers of Reddit, what’s one thing that a child needs to understand about you as a teacher?

Can you please stop making anthropomorphisms about human behavior and just stop doing them?

When you were first busted for pet sitting in the States, what excuse did you have as to why

What are some of your favourite places or situations in the world is an improvement over?

People who have enough confidence to call yourself hot, how do you do it?

What's the best way to tell a Karen?

People of Reddit. as much as i hate to break it to you, no offense intended, but seriously how many of you actually use reddit?

#17 - Getting Kicked Out Of A Club Is Harder Than People Think

Possibly involving murder...justify or negate it if you will.

Ladies, has the penis ever fully recovered from surgery, if so how long have you and others had difficulty getting it up again?

What is a great question to ask on this sub?

People who commented "lmao" on someone's Instagram post, why?

What would you call a person that gets along great with the opposite gender?

When the people you

What’s your first thought when you hear “Om nom nom nom nom ??????’

What are some reasons why white supremacy doesn’t exist?

What’s the most cruel thing you’ve done

Girls of reddit, how does it feel like when guys make a girl's day a misery?

A smart drain plug is the opposite of a snoo. It keeps the water out, but when you try to take a bath, it just floats up and starts sucking you dry. Why do you use smart drains?

If movies had a comment section similar to books did, what would the top comment be on your favorite movie?

Redditors, what are you really good at and are you good at your job?

Trump voters, what is your opinion on this election cycle so

How would you feel about a / for team effort?

What's your favourite fap story from the 90s?

When did being gay become a choice?